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FounTec Water Clarifier 8oz

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FounTec 8oz

Fountec's organic polymers keep fountain and statuary water cleaner, clearer, and algae-free without chlorine and laborious scrubbing. This EPA registered product utilizes a unique control mechanism to kill and inhibit algae without harming the environment. Unaffected by heat, sunlight and evaporation, Fountec also outlasts and outperforms copper, enzyme and quat based products. A small dose of Fountec lasts up to a week or more and is very economical due to its concentrated formula.

While we don't recommend your fountain as a drinking source for pets (NOT FISH), the fact remains that it is hard to keep pets from drinking from it.
However, as long as the product is used according to directions, it will not harm your pet (NOT intendid for fish but should not harm with accidental overflow )
As with all chemicals, we recommend that you keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Weekly Fountec use also prevents mosquito landings! Fountec is not only a powerful algaecide and clarifier, it is also a surfactant that breaks water tension. Due to the natural effect of Fountec's polymers on water tension, it is an excellent deterrent for control of mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in fountains, water gardens and birdbaths.

Keeps water always clean, clear and algae-free Recommended dosage: one drop per gallon of water per week- very economical Kills and inhibits all types of algae growth in all types of waters Fast acting No chlorine needed

For Clean, Clear, Algae-Free Water Fountec utilizes the newest technology for the easier, safer and more effective water treatment of fountains and water gardens. Fountec’s organic polymers keep water cleaner, clearer and algae-free year-round. This EPA registered product incorporates a unique control mechanism to kill and inhibit algae and bacteria without harsh chemicals. Fountec is non-hazardous, non-staining and non-foaming. Fountec is safe for birds, plants, and animals but not for fish. (Please note: the warning on the container about the product being hazardous to domestic animals is referring to the concentrate. As previously stated, when used as directed it is safe for birds, plants, and animals.)

Fountec is the most effective, environmentally friendly product now available for fountain treatment.

Fountain Initial Dosage:

1 gal water = 1 drop for clear water, 2 drops for visible algae.

10 gal water = 10 drop for clear water, 20 drops for visible algae.

100 gal water = 1 tsp. for clear water, 2 tsp. for visible algae.

Weekly Maintenance:

1 gal. = 1 Drop

10 gal. = 5 Drops

100 gal. = 1/2 tsp

Shelf life unopened 3 years/1 year opened if stored properly


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